Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer Dieting

Hello Beautiful!
Well as its summer here in England, my jumpers and cardigans are being abandoned meaning my skin shall be showing, meaning my belly shall be showing. Before people are all like 'OMG but you're soo skinny, you have nothing on you' Yes i am not fat, but i am far from skinny. So I decided to put myself on a diet. But I'm not going to cut down on food, I'm gonna replace foods such as chocolate and junk food with fruit instead. I was also planning to exercise more, but I am just waaaaay to busy to do that.. (tweeting, youtubing, facebooking) So basically I have done none of the above and i am proud of it.
P.s the picture i have used pretty much explains my situation right now.
Have a nice day!

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